” Our vision is to open the gates of blockchain technology for any company. To give freedom to technological development. We believe that by opening the gateway to technology for everyone, we can dramatically improve life around the world. ”

– O. Cheine, Founder

Delivering Only the Best to Users!

The Platforms CSHC Owns And Operates

PTPWallet is the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency wallet. Although it can be used in all industries, PTPWallet was specifically aimed at the developing retail sector. Instant transactions, crypto cashback, referral & loyalty programs, a map that displays business pages, and much more. Everything you need to purchase products with crypto in comfort. Development began in 2018 and finished towards the end of 2019. In 2020, optimization of the platform allowed us to begin selling White Labels. As more customers began acquiring White Labels, more capital became available to begin developing IndexPairs.

IndexPairs is the first exchange to be combined into a crypto wallet without the need for an additional website/application. With the existing features of PTPWallet, users will be able to conduct transactions, trade, purchase crypto, take part in a lending program or a referral program, and much more. In Q3 of 2021, IndexPairs acquired a license from TradingView to use its charting terminal within the exchange. IndexPairs has seen great interest from companies looking to white label a crypto exchange.

PTPShopy is our global crypto payment gateway, which is made simple and accessible to everyone – regardless of whether you are a business owner or a crypto user. Optimization of the platform allowed us to begin selling White Labels. PTPShopy White Label Solution allows large financial companies to acquire not only a White Label Solution, but also an independent platform for further individual development of their business.

What We Offer

Core State Holdings, Corp. increases sales revenue for clients by providing them with a technological solution with multiple revenue-generating channels. Businesses are able to earn direct sales revenue from transaction fees, from the selling of their tokens/coins directly to users, from the loan program, and by operating a white labeled crypto exchange with a custom transaction fee.

What most businesses need:

  • The best blockchain technology for their industry.
  • Easy crypto sending, receiving, and converting.
  • Less transparency and better security.

PTPWallet.com – The most advanced cryptocurrency wallet! Over 40,000,000 transactions processed and over 2,000,000 accounts created throughout the PTP network. Can process more than 5,000,000 transactions per second!

White Label PTPWallet under your own brand. Acquire a crypto exchange under your brand with our white label solution. Cryptocurrency design and development with hosting provided.
IndexPairs.com – The go-to crypto exchange for those who want a Binance and Coinbase alternative. IndexPairs will be available in the end of 2021, alongside its white labelling capability.

PTPShopy is a global crypto payment gateway that allows everyone to receive the opportunity to accept cryptocurrencies for services offered. PTPShopy will be available in Q4 of 2022, alongside its white labelling capability.

Executive Team

O. Cheine
Founder, CEO

D. Cheine
Co-founder, Director of Business Development


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