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Core State Holdings, Corp., formerly known as 8870985 Canada Corp, was founded in 2014. Together, over the next four years, the Core State founders were able to build an effective, committed, and successful team. This team would go on to help create the innovative digital properties  CannaSOS  and  PTPWallet. Despite having been denied by nearly every early investor, this team of persistent and devoted individuals ultimately triumphed and achieved their preliminary objectives.

On February 07, 2019, 8870985 Canada Corp. a name that was used for almost five years, was rebranded to Core State Holdings, Corp. This rapidly progressing firm has accomplished much since 2014: the Company created PTPWallet.com and implemented its products and services; in early 2018, the team successfully completed an Initial Coin Offering and launched an ERC-20 token named Perkscoin (PCT); the company achieved exponential traffic growth for CannaSOS.com with over 10,000,000 users annually and more than 5000 registered affiliate businesses; and much more. The syndicate also owns and maintains the largest and most comprehensive North American-based strain database in the world! Following their favorable performance, Core State Holdings, Corp. believes that in order to enter a new era with continued success - they needed to rebrand the company’s image, thus…

8870985 Canada Corp is now Core State Holdings, Corp.

Thankfully, with a new name comes fresh styles, original ideas, and ultramodern strategies

Core State aims to combine health, education, internet, networking, and entertainment together wherever they go next. Currently, the company’s only creations are CannaSOS and PTPWallet; but as time goes on, they will be adding additional digital properties to their portfolio as well as expanding current features and further enhancing benefits offered to customers.

Investment Opportunity in Canada

The company is deeply integrated into two fast-growing industries that are growing at the speed of a maglev train. All platforms are not only created, but also passed Alpha and Beta testing. We already have received many users which have helped us identify problems and further optimize existing modules. We have created two brands - PTPWallet and CannaSOS. We have implemented different forms of marketing which have led to a sufficient number of users providing feedback and reviews in order to allow us to further understand that we are part of what the market demands.

Capital raised to date: $1,394,000 – 53.11%
Total Shares Preferred (Class B): 300,000
Total Shares Common (Class A): 1,000

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Investment Opportunity in the USA

In March of 2019, Core State Holdings, Corp (USA-based) was formed and Core State Holdings, Corp (Canada-based) invested into the company; providing it with exclusive rights to use PTPWallet and CannaSOS platforms in the U.S. market in exchange for majority ownership of the company. Selling of all services, and revenue received, via PTPWallet and CannaSOS will be under the United States of America-based Core State Holdings, Corp.


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