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Core State Holdings, Corp., formerly known as 8870985 Canada Corp, was founded in 2014. Together, over the next five years, the Core State founders were able to build an effective, committed, and successful team. This team would go on to help create the innovative digital properties  CannaSOS  and  PTPWallet. Despite having been denied by nearly every early investor, this team of persistent and devoted individuals ultimately triumphed and achieved their preliminary objectives.

This rapidly progressing firm has accomplished much since 2014: the Company created PTPWallet.com and implemented its products and services; the company achieved exponential traffic growth for CannaSOS.com with over 10,000,000 users annually and more than 2,000 registered affiliate businesses; and much more. The syndicate also owns and maintains the largest and most comprehensive North American-based strain database in the world! The Core State Holdings team has grandiose plans for the further development of its digital assets; primarily PTPWallet. PTPWallet is planned to receive additional modules that will be tied to: digital and physical PTPWallet crypto gift cards, the ability to White Label our gift cards, implementation of many FIAT currencies including the ability to exchange currencies to any crypto currency, and much more.

Core State aims to combine health, education, internet, networking, and entertainment together wherever they go next. Currently, the company’s only creations are CannaSOS and PTPWallet; but as time goes on, they will be adding additional digital properties to their portfolio as well as expanding current features and further enhancing benefits offered to customers.


For the past four years, we have been working to design, develop and bring the CannaSOS project to life.

Since 2014, CannaSOS acquired over 350,000+ registered members, over 2,000+ business pages, a 9,260+ marijuana strain database, 280 social groups, 5,600+ unique articles created by members, and much more.

Originally created as an informative strain database, today CannaSOS is a comprehensive social network and sophisticated advertising platform designed primarily for the cannabis industry.

We have seen users from all across the globe and have experienced tremendous growth throughout the past four years.

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    • Advertise business and brand
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    • Boost business page visibility on CannaSOS
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In order to further develop CannaSOS and provide users with the ability to pay for CannaSOS advertising services in crypto, the Core State Holdings team has created PTPWallet. PTPWallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that provides users in the crypto industry with: the ability to send coins and tokens instantly, anonymously, engage in a global loyalty program, engage in a referral program, and even engage in a game called Drain The Bank where users are able to win ETH, BTC, PCT, and other cryptocurrencies in very large amounts.

Users also have the ability to send funds via email and text message, trade with super low fees, send funds to partnered businesses, friends, and family within the network, and much more. Again, with the PTPWallet, all internal transactions are fully anonymous and secure. We have created the most sophisticated crypto wallet on the market, and since launch in January of 2019, we have received a massive amount of feedback and support from the global crypto community.

We plan on taking PTPWallet and implementing it not only into the cannabis industry through the CannaSOS platform, but also expand it to all areas of the globe and in all industries.

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    • Coin Renewal Fees
  • Referral

    • Purchase of GEMS
    • Drain the Bank
  • Loyalty Program

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  • White Label of PTPWallet

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    • Shared Revenue Program

Investment Opportunity in Canada

The company is deeply integrated into two fast-growing industries that are growing at the speed of a maglev train. All platforms are not only created, but also passed Alpha and Beta testing. We already have received many users which have helped us identify problems and further optimize existing modules. We have created two brands - PTPWallet and CannaSOS. We have implemented different forms of marketing which have led to a sufficient number of users providing feedback and reviews in order to allow us to further understand that we are part of what the market demands.

Outstanding Class B Shares: 30,000,000
Floating Class B Shares: 16,768,621
Outstanding Class A Shares: 10,000,000
Floating Class A Shares: 7,000,000

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PTPWallet and CannaSOS Expansion

Investment Opportunity in the USA

In March of 2019, Core State Holdings, Corp (USA-based) was formed and Core State Holdings, Corp (Canada-based) invested into the company; providing it with exclusive rights to use PTPWallet and CannaSOS platforms in the U.S. market in exchange for majority ownership of the company. Selling of all services, and revenue received, via PTPWallet and CannaSOS will be under the United States of America-based Core State Holdings, Corp.


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