Crypto Payment Gateway PTPShopy Launches

January 8th, 2024 News
Crypto Payment Gateway PTPShopy Launches

TORONTO (January 08, 2024) – Core State Holdings Corp. is excited to announce the launch of its innovative crypto payment gateway, PTPShopy, scheduled for January 12, 2024. This launch marks a significant milestone in the blockchain sector, offering the latest updates through PTPShopy news.

As a pioneer in software development within the blockchain industry, Core State Holdings Corp. specializes in creating comprehensive platforms, including white-labeled cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges. The company has been instrumental in driving the tokenization process across various key industries.

PTPShopy exemplifies Core State Holdings’ commitment to technological advancement. Designed to cater to a diverse range of business models, this crypto payment gateway overcomes traditional limitations of existing platforms. Its user-friendly interface streamlines processes such as account setup, payment processing, and invoice management.

A unique feature of PTPShopy is the Point of Sale (POS) module, which allows merchants to set up different points of sale with customized payment acceptance protocols. This approach provides flexibility and enables companies to expand their market reach, both nationally and internationally. Each point of sale is equipped with specialized tools and custom transaction tracking capabilities. Buyers also receive a Checkout/Receipt created according to local government standards. White Label owners will automatically receive all new developments and additions made to the platform.

The platform ensures transaction security by directing funds to a single wallet controlled solely by the merchant account holder. This control extends to currency activation and gas fee management. A key feature allows merchant managers to monitor customer payments, empowering them to resolve payment discrepancies.

Security is paramount in PTPShopy, with robust measures in place to protect against unauthorized access to both merchant and White Label accounts. In the realm of cryptocurrency transactions, reversals by customers are not possible, thus empowering merchants with exclusive refund authority.

PTPShopy is filled with tools for both online and physical transactions, including APIs, shopping cart plugins, cryptocurrency payment links, and even the ability for businesses to accept donations and create crowdfunding campaigns. These functionalities are comprehensively outlined in the PTPShopy manual.

For White Label owners, the platform offers extensive control over their merchant networks. This includes currency selection, 24/7 support, transaction oversight, and the ability to introduce proprietary crypto coins or tokens as payment options.

The platform also features a free Affiliates/Referrals Program, providing White Label owners with the freedom to set their own payout rates. This program is a significant incentive for generating consistent income from the platform.

CSHC has recently implemented our new development, PTPRates, in the PTPWallet platform. PTPRates allows the wallet to obtain cryptocurrency exchange rates from the marketplace with 95% accuracy. PTPRates is an aggregator of information with complex algorithms about cryptocurrency values for retail markets. Currently, the platform is for internal use only. However, in 2024, it is planned to launch PTPRates for public use.

Core State Holdings Corp. is committed to maintaining high-security standards to counteract hacking threats and ensure continuous network monitoring. The company actively seeks to enhance the crypto payment gateway by integrating diverse merchant tools and welcomes suggestions for custom tool integrations.

Open for collaboration with various business types, Core State Holdings Corp. invites potential partners to connect via PTPShopy’s support form.

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