Core States Holdings, Corp. launches a specialized cryptocurrency donation module for the PTPShopy platform

February 1st, 2024 News
Core States Holdings, Corp. launches a specialized cryptocurrency donation module for the PTPShopy platform

Toronto, ONTARIO – February  1, 2024

Core State Holdings, Corp., a leading innovator in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency solutions, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking Donations module on PTPShopy. This new feature is only available to registered nonprofits with a tax identification number that allows donors to deduct donations from their income.

“Since 2020, crypto philanthropy has outpaced crypto markets every year. For example, in 2022, crypto donors collectively donated $172 for every dollar of Bitcoin market value, up 41% from 2021. This market will continue to grow in 2023-2024.”

What sets the cryptocurrency donation module apart is that it complies with the regulatory standards of any country that controls the organizations that collect donations. The developers of PTPShopy took into account all the requirements of these regulatory authorities. Donors, companies or individuals, can donate in more than 100 cryptocurrencies while choosing to receive an income tax receipt from the fundraiser or remain anonymous.

Non—profit organizations can create two tools for collecting donations – a button and a link. They can post these tools on various online platforms, send them by email, and use social media to collect donations. This allows them to use a variety of marketing resources to raise funds, thereby increasing donations. The entire setup process will take organizations only 15 minutes to register and create a campaign to start collecting donations.

The new donation feature is also available to all customers using our white label crypto payment gateways. They will also be able to expand their opportunities to increase income. This week, a plugin for the Shopify e-commerce platform is being launched. This will allow those who use Shopify to start accepting cryptocurrency.

For more information about the PTPShopy Donate module and to start your campaign, visit PTPShopy Accept Donations. You can also see the crowdfunding collection widget as an example on the PTPShopy homepage.

The PTPShopy platform provides numerous tools for merchants. The company invites all developers to create unique tools for the merchant, for this we provide an extended API.

About Core State Holdings, Corp.

Core State Holdings, Corp., based in Ontario, Canada, is a software development company specializing in blockchain services and products since 2017. With a focus on innovation and accessibility, Core State Holdings, Corp. is committed to advancing the global mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.