PTPWallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that provides users in the crypto industry with: the ability to send coins and tokens instantly, anonymously, engage in a global loyalty program, engage in a referral program.
Users also have the ability to send funds via email and text message, trade with super low fees, send funds to partnered businesses, friends, and family within the network, and much more. Again, with the PTPWallet, all internal transactions are fully anonymous and secure. We have created the most sophisticated crypto wallet on the market, and since launch in January of 2019, we have received a massive amount of feedback and support from the global crypto community.
We plan on taking PTPWallet and implementing it not only into the cannabis industry through the CannaSOS platform, but also expand it to all areas of the globe and in all industries.

• Transaction Fees

-Merchant Processing Fee
-Transaction Fee

• Currency Conversion

-Exchange Fees

Coin Hosting

-New Coin Setup Fees
-Coin Renewal Fees

• Referral

-Purchase of GEMS
-Drain the Bank

• Loyalty Program

-Deal fee

White Label of PTPWallet

-Setup Fee
-Shared Revenue Program

Support Currencies






…and many more!

PTPWallet Expansion

Implement an aggregator of the most popular exchanges, allowing users to exchange funds under one umbrella – all in PTPWallet. All our partners, who own White Label PTPWallets, will receive this ability. Users will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.
FIAT Integration for merchants and users
o Support multiple languages
Creation of a module allowing PTPWallet to accept digital/physical PTPWallet or third-party crypto gift cards. The ability for businesses to White Label our crypto gift cards.
Implementation of MasterCard into PTPWallet
The functionality of the Instant payment
Build a Crypto Exchange platform integrated into PTPWallet Functionality

Manage and send cryptocurrency
with the PTPWallet app