CannaSOS.Shop is an online marketplace home to thousands of products, businesses, and users. In order to further support the hemp and cannabis industries, assist in helping users gain access to new products, and further support health & wellness, we have decided to create this online portal called the CannaSOS Marketplace. We have put our heart and soul into it – just like with CannaSOS.

Our Philosophy

You Don’t Need To Look Through A Million Websites To Find The Right Product!

There are trillions of websites on the internet, with millions of those selling certain products. This causes headaches and makes it more difficult for you to purchase the right product. Therefore, with the CannaSOS Marketplace, everything is on one website!
With a customer-oriented focus, shopping with the CannaSOS Marketplace keeps the migraines away.

What are the main types of products offered in the marketplace?

CBD product dollars sales in the United States from 2018 to 2023

(in billion U.S. dollars)

Provide an online marketplace where buyers will be protected, where affiliates will earn a lot of money, and where sellers will be able to expand their business network. Trust and transparency are what we value most.