Throughout the past years, we have been working to design, develop and bring the CannaSOS project to life. We are constantly looking for convenient and necessary functionality for users. Since 2014, CannaSOS acquired over 375,000+ registered members, over 2,000+ business pages, a 9,260+ marijuana strain database, 280 social groups, 6,060+ unique articles created by members, and much more. In addition, the website sees approximately 350,000 users per month. Originally created as an informative strain database, today CannaSOS is a comprehensive social network and sophisticated advertising platform designed primarily for the cannabis industry. We have seen users from all across the globe and have experienced tremendous growth throughout the past four years.

  • Banner Advertising Advertise business and brand
  • Memberships Boost business page visibility on CannaSOS
  • Sponsored Articles Brand exposure and improvements in SEO
  • Sponsored Digest Reach out to our subscribers with cool news
What Is CannaSOS And How Does It Help The Cannabis Industry?

Search strains based on various criteria:

  • Type of strain
  • Positive or negative effects
  • Flavors 
  • Medical condition
  • Preferred consumption time
  • Gender and age 
  • User reviews 
  • Zodiac preferencesGutentor Simple Text


  • Submit marijuana industry news, success stories, funny memes, DIY posts, and other content.


  • Review and comment on posts created by other users. 


  • Upvote or Downvote content on the site to filter out unrelated/misinformed posts.


  • Post questions, find answers from medical professionals, peers and business owners via our Q&A Portal.